A few metres from the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, in the shadow of the dome of St. Peter, in this place, divided into 2 rooms with air conditioning for a capacity of around 150 posts over the square outside that spread over the entire corner , Breathes an air of family tradition mixed passion and sacrifices now started 50 years ago by Luigi dad and mom Tina that nobody wants to lose but, rather, is rooted even more in future.

This allows, through a simple kitchen that defends the local tradition, to meet both the needs of those who want to quickly restore the efforts of the visit to the magnificent Sistine Chapel or St. Peter's Cathedral that the palate and taste of those who, lover of good table, intends to appreciate the various local specialities both meat and fish cooked with love and passion and with fresh produce and quality.

Using still conduction predominantly family is still possible to guarantee high quality of products and prices.

Our restaurant is open all day from 12 to 23 (Thursday retired)

To 100 meters from
Vatican Museums

To 250 meters from
St. Peter Square

Metro Stop
“Ottaviano - S. Pietro”

Trattoria Pizzeria La Caravella di Magistri Luigi - Via Degli Scipioni, 32/B - 00192 Rome (IT) - P.I. 00179780580
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